Amid the COVID-19 crisis, continuously supporting our communities is essential during these challenging times. As cities and towns ask their residents to stay home to slow the virus’ spread, many of us are grappling with how to be there for each other when we can’t be near each other. Our work at JPIC-IDC, Inc. continues without interruption.

Even in the era of social distancing, we can still connect with our neighbors and communities and offer support to those in need.

With the generosity of sponsors and benefactors, we were able to conduct more than ten waves of relief operations to all the families in our communities. Packs of rice, canned goods and other essential commodities were distributed evenly. Our hardworking staff members braved the risk in the outdoors to facilitate the distribution. They also conducted safety and hygiene protocols orientation to the families to raise awareness about the COVID-19 virus.

During each relief operation, strict protocols were implemented to ensure everyone’s safety. Each community was also able to organize their own guidelines when it comes to entry passes into the village and necessary measures upon entry such as temperature check, hand sanitization and wearing of face mask.

Up to this day, the organization works hard in continuing the relief operations for the communities. In this critical moment, our communities need us to create change in ways that are both innovative and equitable. If you would like to learn more about how we are taking direct action, and how you can get involved, please feel free to reach us today.