3-Day Theatre Arts Workshop

3-Day Theatre Arts Workshop

JPIC-IDC, Inc. conducted a Three-Day Theatre Arts Workshop for the 41 selected school-based Anti-Trafficking in Persons (ATIP) advocates on August 24-26, 2019. There were 24 students, 12 teachers and 5 Program Development Officers from the tri-Divisions of Surigao City, Siargao and Surigao del Norte. The participating schools were from selected secondary public high schools namely Caraga Regional Science High School, Mat-i National High School, Taft National High School, Surigao City National High School, Surigao Norte National High School, Claver National High School, Taganito National High School, Dapa National High School, Del Carmen National High School, General Luna National High School, Sta. Fe National High School and Socorro National High School.

Theatre is a methodology/approach to capture the audience’s interest and at the same time educate them on the issue of the various forms of sexual abuses and exploitation especially on women and children in our society. Through theatre, the audience can easily comprehend since the messages are explicitly illustrated through actions, voice projection and other forms of visual effects that are relatable and aspiring to encourage its audience to take part in the call to action to end trafficking in persons especially for sexual purposes. JPIC-IDC, Inc. through its KKS-Cinemobile 4 Project believes that theatre will entertain, educate and empower its audience.

As a result of this activity, participants learned the basics of theatre in the context of promoting the advocacy to their respective locality; improved skills and talent in performing arts; encouraged to take part in the advocacy through either re-echo learning to their respective schools and or their family members. And the teacher representatives will lobby to their respective schools the formation of a formal club/association of school-based ATIP advocates

© Flo Galeos – Advocacy Officer, Cinemobile 4

Four-Day Surveillance Training-Workshop on Trafficking in Persons Cases

Four-Day Surveillance Training-Workshop on Trafficking in Persons Cases

On June 18-21, 2019, a Four-Day Surveillance Training Workshop on Trafficking in Persons Cases was conducted at Goat 2 Geder Hotel and Restaurant, Butuan City. The said training was spearheaded by Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation – Integrated Development Center, Inc. through its project Cinemobile IV in coordination with National Bureau of Investigation – Caraga led by Mr. Brando E. Faelnar – Intel Consultant, and Senior Investigator III Gabriel C. Falcon, Jr. The training was participated by twenty (20) Philippine National Police (PNP), from Regional Office one (1) male and two (2) females and from the City of Surigao and different municipalities in province of Surigao del Norte eleven (11) males and six (6) females.

It is believed that dismissal of trafficking in persons cases happens because of the poor surveillance skills of the law enforcers in conducting surveillance. Thus, the training was conducted in order to capacitate the Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel on the protocols and techniques in conducting surveillance.

Senior Investigator III Gabriel C. Falcon, Jr. and Mr, Brando E. Faelnar gave their critiques and suggestions during the first round of Foot Surveillance field practice.

On the first day of the training, majority of the participants confirmed that they lack knowledge and skills in conducting surveillance because they haven’t undergone yet any course or training related to it. The group was then divided into three (3) groups for their field practice wherein they will apply all the theories discussed to them, such as: how to conduct Foot Surveillance, Vehicle Surveillance, Mobile Surveillance, Survey and on how to properly capture a photo accepted as evidence in court. After each field practice, the resource speakers gave their critique to each team and gave suggestions on how to improve their performance.

Mr. Brando E. Faelnar demonstrated to the participants the accepted hand signals in doing surveillance.

The training ended with the eagerness and hope of the Philippine National Police (PNP) personnel to apply their new learnings in their respective stations and to intensify their fight to end human trafficking.

The Cinemobile Phase IV Project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in partnership with Karl Kübel Stiftung fur kind und Familie (KKS). It is a three-year project which started last July 2018 and will end on July 2021. It is implemented in the Province of Surigao del Norte specifically in Surigao City and in the Municipalities of Claver, General Luna and Socorro.

© Ephrael Badajos – Training cum Paralegal Officer

MOA between JPIC-IDC, Inc and Department of Education (DepEd) – CARAGA Region

MOA between JPIC-IDC, Inc and Department of Education (DepEd) – CARAGA Region

JUNE 19, 2019 – JPIC-IDC, Inc. and DepEd – CARAGA Region formalized its partnership in the fight against Trafficking in Persons especially on sexual exploitation of children and women in Caraga Region, in Mindanao.

JPIC-IDC, Inc. implemented its Cinemobile Phase IV project in 12 selected public secondary schools in the province of Surigao del Norte in collaboration with the DepEd tri-divisions, the Division of Surigao del Norte, Surigao City and Siargao. The overall objective is to contribute in the reduction of human trafficking incidences in Caraga Region through awareness raising, skills and capability development for selected school based advocates/multipliers. The Project aspires to empower stakeholders from the academe, religious groups, transport sector, youth and media through education, and develop agents of change in promoting Anti-Human Trafficking in Persons (ATIP) and Child Sexual Abuse/Exploitation and Prevention (CSAEP).

The Cinemobile Phase IV Project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in partnership with Karl Kübel Stiftung fur kind und Familie (KKS). It is a 3-year project which started in July 2018 and will end in July 2021. It is implemented in Surigao City and in the Municipalities of Claver, General Luna and Socorro.

© Flo Duran Galeos – Advocacy Officer

Midyear Assessment and Teambuilding 2019

Midyear Assessment and Teambuilding 2019

JPIC-IDC staff held their midyear assessment and teambuilding activities at Calawag Mountain Resort on May 22-24, 2019. Calawag Mountain Resort is located in Tibiao, Antique, a small rustic resort built along a river. The cottages and other structures are all made of bamboo. No doubt, for nature lovers, the ambiance would easily give them a feeling of being one with nature. It could also be a good hideaway for those who are tired of the noises and hassles of the city.

The staff arrived at the venue in the afternoon of May 22, after an overnight boat trip from Cebu City to Iloilo, and a 4-hour long drive from Iloilo to Tibiao. Needless to say that everybody was tired. But after settling in, they frolicked in the clear water of the river.

Before dinner, the staff had  a ‘getting to know you’ activity. This has allowed everybody to know the new staff; and for the new staff to know the older members of the organization.

The morning activity of May 23 started with reports from the different projects. It was heartwarming to know the successes of the projects in spite of the challenges encountered. Then, an input from the CRM team about Coastal Resource Management followed. They highlighted the importance of strictly and religiously implementing the policy of solid waste management and, protecting and caring of our marine resources. Equally, they strongly proposed to adapt a ‘no plastic policy.’

In the afternoon, the staff had teambuilding activities. They were divided into four groups. The first activity was a ‘river tubing.’ Needless to say that it was indeed very challenging. No team has managed to arrive at the finish-line together. The other activity planned that afternoon was rock piling; but because of the rising water level of the river, it was canceled. However, everybody enjoyed the ‘Kawa Spa’ for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

On May 24, as part of the teambuilding activities, the staff went for an eco-adventure and forest trekking in the morning. On the way to Bugtong Bato Falls, each group had to identify the different species of fauna and flora they would see along the way. We did realize that we don’t know that much of the Philippine fauna and flora. Perhaps, it’s because we just take them for granted.

Bugtong Bato Falls is a three-level falls which is about 1.5 km from Calawag Mountain Resort. And it can only be reached on foot. Climbing from one level to another is quite challenging that only the brave would dare to do.

The afternoon was left free.

The staff went back to Iloilo on May 25. On their way, they passed through the Tibiao Museum where the biggest pearls of the world are to be found. Then, they also visited the Garin Farm. In spite of the ‘foul odor’ from poultries, it seems to be a popular destination for tourists and nature lovers alike. They also visited some churches built during the Spanish colonial time. And finally, in the evening, except for some who stayed behind and who opted to take a plane, they took a boat back to Cebu.

There were challenges, but all in all, the midyear assessment and teambuilding was successful.

© Romeo Q. Cagatin, SVD

Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation-Integrated Development Center (JPIC-IDC), Inc. celebrates its 20th Founding Anniversary

Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation-Integrated Development Center (JPIC-IDC), Inc. celebrates its 20th Founding Anniversary

March 26, 2019. Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation-Integrated Development Center (JPIC-IDC), Inc., in collaboration with the Community Extension Services (CES) of the University of San Carlos (USC), launches its 20th Founding Anniversary. The theme of this year-long celebration is “Transforming Lives, Putting the Poor at the Forefront.”

The launching ceremony was held at the basement of the Fr. Anselmo Bustos Gym at the University of San Carlos Downtown Campus, Cebu City. The event was organized by the HRM and Tourism students of USC. It was attended by representatives from the 21 partner communities of JPIC-IDC, SVD priests, JPIC-IDC staff, members of the JPIC-IDC BOT and Corporation, members of the CES team, Fr. Dionisio Miranda, SVD (President of USC), guests, friends and students.

The event started with a Eucharistic celebration at 10:00 presided by Fr. Anthony Salas, SVD (former Executive Director of JPIC-IDC and former VPAA of USC). A short program followed and it ended with a sumptuous lunch.

The anniversary is not so much a celebration of JPIC-IDC’s 20 years of existence; but what the organization has become and has done these past 20 years.

Yes, ‘20 years of transforming lives, putting the poor at the forefront’ is the raison d’être of this year-long celebration.

Indeed, JPIC-IDC is grateful to have become an instrument of God in helping ‘people on the edge’ to regain their dignity and sense of pride. Equally, it is proud to have contributed something remarkable to the wellbeing of the less fortunate people of society.

As JPIC-IDC celebrates in joy and gratitude, it is also full of optimism that it would be able to touch more people in the years to come through the kind and untiring support of its generous partners, benefactors and donors.

© Fr. Romeo Q. Cagatin, SVD